1 year post gamma

Hello friends, both old and new,
I am sorry for being absent for so long, but as we all know, this is a difficult road, and we each have to traverse it alone in the end, even if we have great friends cheering us on. I am writing this to share my gamma experience both with those of you who I know, and those of you who are recent converts to the cult of AVM. I had my 1 year follow up MRI after having gamma knife surgery, and here are the results: My AVM went from 2.2 cm to 9mm x 4mm. It is still there, so that’s a bummer, but it is shrinking, so—good news. I am not trying to be self-aggrandizing. I was very sad to see, upon retuning to the site after so long, that several friends have had a difficult time. I am especially saddened to hear of the passing of baby Nathan, words can’t express the heaviness in my heart as I write this. I guess I just wanted to let newcomers know (and also us oldschoolers) that this can work, and hopefully will keep working. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I have been thinking of you all along, and I keep my spare set of fingers crossed for everyone here, all the time.

Wow. Has it been a year already? I remember when you first joined.

Congrats on the good news. I know it’s not exactly what you wanted to hear but it’s still good news. Hang in there.

hi marilyn,so good to see you on,and such great news about your avm getting smaller…as you said it does take time,im a year and a half post gamma and really no change at all,my doc says two years should see much better results,so come another year we will both have great news,happy you are doing good,chat soon,hugs,caroline,missed ya!!! welcome back

Nice to meet you and I’m happy to hear that you have had shrinkage! I had gk May '08 and had my first follow up MRI in Dec. 08. The Neurosurgeon said that my AVM has shrunk by almost 25%. I have quite a bit of swelling in my brain adjacent to the area that was zapped but he said that’s normal. Do you have swelling? Also, since your GK, have you experienced any new or different pains and/or sensations in the area of your head where your AVM is located?
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

such great news…sure it will be gone next time