1 yr post gamma knife with swelling

hey guys, so i just posted a blog yesterday about how well my 1 yr post op mri went…well…i got a report from the doctor who read my first mri and did my angio and idt its too good…there is some swelling in my brain, there was none at the 3 month mark…but i really want to hear from those of you who have experienced this, is there an anti inflamatory or a steroid i take? and has ur physical activity been limited by it? because my surgeon is out of town until monday morning but his partner read it (he specializes in brain tumors) and said absolutely no water polo at least until i talk to my surgeon on monday. i am super nervous because i already have been told i cant play twice but each time thats been overturned, my season starts in 2 weeks and i am going to be captain this year…
i know that water polo is a small price to pay for my life but it is what keeps me sane…
but anyway, anti inflamatory meds? steroids? physical activity?



I had some 1 year swelling also. Everything turned out fine, however, the steroids were pretty disruptive. Your neurologist will tell you everything on Monday.

Hi jessica, so happy you did a post for this and thanks Ben for replying,she is a bit worried and needs some advice,all is going to be good jessica,remember stay positive ok,caroline

I guess it comes down to keeping your brain happy thru this. I’m sure they will tell you that the water polo could just make things worse, which you obviously don’t want. Not fair for sure but you might need to be the team “inspiration” for this season??
As Ben said, you will find out tomorrow and let us know what they say. One day at a time, Jessica which is so hard to do when you are young and want to get going with you life!! My thoughts are with you.

see ive ben told both things by surgeons (either that water polo is a no or a go…) so idk rly wat to expect…
i played that role as “inspiration” for a couple weeks last season when i thought i was done and it was one of the hardest things i have done…
yea it really is hard because these past couple of months ive really been trying to move ahead and not think about it as much and planning the rest of my life…oh well i guess…

Hi Jess
I’ve also been on steroids before to control swelling and it was pretty tough, but only for a few weeks.
They only prescribed steroids though to control symptoms, not just for the swelling.
Hopefully your exercise ban should not last too long. It must feel like a set back, when you’ve been through so much already.
Let us know what they say today


I agree Jessica. Different doctors say different things and I truly believe it’s because they REALLY DON’T KNOW the exact answers. My son has played competitive hockey his whole life so when he gave it up, it was devastating to him. I remember the first game that he was the “inspiration”, the team played a difficult game and won and I just was so heart broken that he was cheering from the benches instead of celebrating on the ice.
There is no easy way to deal with this and yes, it is a long time to have your life on hold.

Ultimately, no matter what the doctors say, it is really your decision how you lead your life and these things have a way of working themselves out. If you do decide to play then there might be side effects from that type of vigorous activity, and your body will let you know or maybe they would have happened anyways!!! WHO KNOWS? The problem is, do you really want to risk that potential of harm to your body and brain? If it’s worth it to you, then you do what you have to do. But only you can decide that by weighing all the factors of what you know and what you don’t.
No one said it wasn’t crappy. It’s totally crappy that a young person your age has to deal with this complicated medical crazy condition. But man, you will be such a strong person for years to come! (spoken like a true mother :slight_smile: )
Maybe the doctors will be able to help you more today. Good luck.

My post GK MRI at 6 months showed swelling in my brain but I wasn’t told that it would limit me in any way. My Neurosurgeon just said that if the symptoms that I had became botheresome that I should call him and he would put me on a steroid to help.
I would assume the area of the brain where the swelling occurs would be what is the deciding factor on if you can or cannot do something.
Have you heard from your doc yet? Please update us when you know if you can play!
Christine Wellborn

i can play polo
i havnt seen my surgeon yet and he hasnt seen the scan yet, he was just going off the neurologists report, i go see him next thurs, march 5th…im still really nervous, im going to ask him if i can play goal although even if he says yes im going to be torn between goal and field…

ill let you guys know what he says when i see him