10 months post-gamma

Hi all
I am now 10 months post-gamma and have generally done quite well. However in the past week I’ve felt a lot of sharp pains around the site of the AVM. I had similar pains straight after gamma and my bleed, but they had subsided.
I know that gamma really starts to take effect 9-12 months after the procedure and that’s when the side-effect normally appear. So perhaps these pains just indicate that the gamma is taking effect.
Has anyone had similar experiences?Is anyone else at a similar stage with their gamma?



Hi, Soili-
Its hard for me to say, I have headaches & head pain almost everyday.
I’d make a quick call to your neuro to ask the same question.

Soili,im 8 months post gamma,and am having the same thing going on,sharp pains around the avm…my doc said its the avm shutting down…I sure hope so,I go monday for an mri/mra to make sure,because I started to see flashes in my eye sight,mainly after or before headaches,but to be safe we are checking…ill keep ya posted:) Caroline

Agree with Brian. I had some symptoms 12 months post gamma and it was from radiation necrosis. Neuro immediately put me on anti-inflammatory steroids. I’ve found that my neurologist was more interested in holistic recovery than my neurosurgeon.


Thanks Caroline. Let me know what they say. xx

Thanks Ben. I remember your episode. Have actually been wondering what did your last MRI show. Has the AVM reduced much? You must be at least 18 months in now.
I’m seeing a new neurologist in a couple of weeks, just dreading the thought of steroids - found them terrible after the bleed.

Any updates from any of you that posted on this thread? Soili, have you had any MRI’s since you posted this on 10/3? If so, what did they find?
I also get sharp pains and strange cramping sensations in the area where my AVM is located. When I met with my neurosurgeon a few weeks ago I asked him about it and he said that it’s probably just the gamma knife radiation doing what it’s supposed to do and not to worry about it - it was during that appointment that he said my AVM had shrunk almost 25% so now when I feel pain in that area (like I am now) I kind of smile and think “yipee!”.
Christine W.