11 days in the new place

Because of the memory problems that Scott is having, I ask a lot of questions.
To the point I have to tell myself to stop and just have conversations. Make new memories.

But yesterday I did ask, “Scott, do you know where we are at?” To which he replied, “the beginning”.
Classic Scott answer. And so very true.

Hi Danijo, wow Scott's reply was poignant and simple. Now, I have a laugh for you. After my injury, rehab was questioning me about my meals so I responded that my husband prepared (at that time Eric was doing most of the food prep) very simple dinners. Well, Eric pretended to take offense at my use of the word simple and over 3 years later, he will still ask will ask me if the meal was simple enough .... lol.

Hey, Danijo - just wishing Scott and you another great day at Rehab! You're right - Recovery is super hard work. But one of you'r earlier posts points out that you guys are *good* at hard work and goal orientation. I'm glad he can do music therapy! They tried to make me do Recreational Therapy but it didn't go so great. I played the piano and was absolutely shattered that I really sounded like that (I thought it was a dream). And then I had to do woodshop. Not kidding. My mom can't talk about that incident with a straight face. :)

Piano Progress Video 2.53 : "I'm Taking Requests" (My Longsuffering Rec Therapist is the one holding my wrist up on the keyboard in the beginning)

Good Response, Scott!

He's doing so well, Danigo!