13 weeks post op

Carter is 13 weeks post op and let me tell you this has been the hardest thing on him and us. It has broken us all down we have cried everyday and tried are darndest to distract Carter from the pain…BUT we have seen some HUGE improvements that gives us hope the road is not over and its still being paved …but we see light and that feels wonderful…On Jan 13th Carter goes in for surgery to remove the halo around his knee…we are just on countdown…thanks for everyone who reads his story and can relate its nice to know we are not alone…Thanks Pamela (Carters mom)

Best wishes to Carter and you, Pamela!

Hi Pamela,

Glad to hear that although Carter's road still needs some paving, there has been some paving that has taken place. Hoping that Jan. 13th will bring Carter further down the road to recovery.

Take care,