2nd consult done

well spoke with my doctor today. fund out my AVM is a stage 2 and is located behind exactly behind my rt eyebrow in the frontal lobe of my brain. it is 1cm x 1.5 cm. and there are 2 main arteries feeding it and if it starts to leak i will only lose my vision, if they rupture i would never make it to the hospital. (didn’t really want to hear that part). Well my best treatment option is surgery, which i am ok with. I thought about gamma knife, but not really willing to take the risk of waiting to see if treatment works, and the dr. did not feel it was the best treatment option because of the risk of rupture in the mean time or the chance of leak, and had also said emobilization was going to be to risk there where to many spots that would be to hard to treat and would cause the AVM to rupture. So I defently don’t want that to happen. Well now all I have to do is wait for the surgery date.Which should be within the next few weeks or sooner. So heres to the next step.

Hi Tonna. I going to step up my prayers for you! At least you have a plan of action now!!!

It all sounds promising, thats good! I hope you get your date soon.

That all sounds as good as it can be. None of us like hearing about what could happen. When my dr told me that if I have a bleed and they need to go in I would never me the same i would lose motor skills and speech and use of my right side. I still fear this could happen but. I try and just look at the positives. Some days I wish I could have just done a crani and been done with this avm stuff. Until I realized that I would be someone completely differnet afterwards. But instead my only options were gamma and embolizations. Best of luck to you!!! I will be praying for you and your family!