2nd Gamma Knife treatment!

I am waiting to go in for my second dose of radiation via Gamma Knife. I was wondering if anyone has had to go in for a 3rd or more dose? I see lots of people have gone in for a 2nd and its not uncommon. My first treatment 4 yrs ago was 4 hrs of radiation and didn’t seem to get any of it. They told me they could only get 75% of it because of where it was located. My AVM is located very close to my optical nerve so its the only treatment they can do without a high risk of losing my vision. I am 35 and just want to get back to living my life without worrying about it bleeding again! Any tips and similar stories will b much appreciated!

Our radiologist made the comment that my wife might need a followup dose–I said “But she’s already had one dose, and I thought two was the max?” No, he said they sometimes treat 3 or more times. Total dose is the critical number per my understanding.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

i had 2 doses, similar type of result from the first, some of my AVM was much further away. The second dose has helped me to remove 90%, which is great - but cannot do any more than that. The last bit of just too further down and would put too much risk for a third. As for my 2 doses, i never had any physical problems from it myself.