3E love

I have a friend whose husband was in a really horrible wreck about 7 or 8 months ago, they just had their first baby about 3 months before this. He's paralyzed pretty much from the neck down now but he is at TIRR (I think that's the name?); it's the same place Gabby Giffords was sent to in Houston for inpatient rehab. It's a really good place. The nurses there introduced my friend to this group called 3E love. What is 3E? According to their FAQ it means:

3E stands for the 3E's of our social message. Embrace diversity, Educate your community, and empower one another. Love means... Love life! We believe that by buying and using our products, you are naturally supporting our 3E's. You are embracing who you are and the people you love, you are educating others when they ask you about the symbol (or just making them think), and you are empowering yourself and those around you to love life!

I think the main goal is to simply spread disability awareness and acceptance. My friend is 100% supportive of this 'brand' and after reading their story, I am also. If you go to their site you can read their story and purchase items to show support and help spread awareness and acceptance on a social level. **the design is really awesome, if you ask me**

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I'm sorry about your friend, Kristi. I hope he recovers. Thanks for telling us about 3E -- it looks like a great concept.

I just ordered two shirts. I love the “That’s how I roll” design. Thanks, K!!