3rd Embolization

Hello everyone I had my 3rd embo on Friday and everything went well I was home on Saturday…Now the next step will be the Gamma Knife go back to see Dr. Chen in two weeks. If any one have any advice about the Gamma Knife and what to expects please share.Thank you

Hi Annette,

I think the GK will be a cakewalk compared to the embos. Much less invasive. Most likely your biggest pain will be from being held motionless for a long time. Might have a headache afterwards. Should feel just fine the next day, based on our proton beam rad experience.

Might want to take some comforting music/mp3 type thing with you as you will likely have a lot of down time waiting for the GK.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Thank you Ron for the information

Looks like Ron gave some great advice on the procedure. I haven’t had a GK, but from everything I’ve read on this site, it seems the biggest obstacle is being unable to move your head but I’m sure you can overcome that. :slight_smile: Hope it brings you some comfort. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I’ll be thinking about you!

Thank you Suzy I will keep everyone poste when the time comes for me to get the GK. And thanks for thinking about me…

Hi Annette. You are part of an extended AVM family! Please do keep us posted!!

Glad your embolization went well!

I had my GK at Memorial Hermann in June & will be doing another one in December. The day starts out at 5:30 a.m.–check in with Patricia & get into the hospital gown. Then they’ll assign you a nurse & he/she will start getting you ready–inserting an IV, taking vitals, drawing blood. You will have an MRI, another angiogram, they’ll plan the GK treatment, then you’ll go into the GK machine.

The attaching and removing of the halo & the lying flat were the worst parts for me.

They will inject lidocaine into the 4 pin sites for the halo. For me, the shots were very painful. I needed an IV painkiller for them to finish. Once the halo is attached, it doesn’t really hurt for it to be there.

They said I could bring my own mp3 player & they’d play it for me during the GK, but I don’t have one. They chose some classical music for me, and I napped while I was in the GK machine.

Your nurse will stay with you the entire time you are in the GK center (except when you go in for the angio & those nurses take over). When you finally get to the Day Surgery center to finish recovering, they’ll finally let you eat.

There is a small waiting room in the GK center for friends/family. They will also let your family stay with you for most of the day. They had to go to the waiting room while the other GK patients were having their halos attached & measured with the bubble. And they can’t go with you for the MRI, angio, or GK machine. I think my husband did get to watch through the window while I was in GK. I had 4 family members there that day & they took turns staying with me in ones & twos. The staff at MH’s GK center is very friendly & they will take good care of you. :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t have to wait until December, but wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up there on the same day?