6 month post-GK symptoms

Hi! I had my Gamma Knife procedure done on May 11 2011, just over 6 months ago. I have now been experiencing headaches ranging from moderate to slightly more intense, for various durations of time. One new sensation which has been making me more nervous is a burning feeling deep in the left side of my head (where the AVM is found.) Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this feeling?

6 weeks GK but I already have more headaches than I used to have before GK. I was put on a migrane medication since last 3 days, feeling a bit better already so hope it continues...

Hi Birdie, Yes I had this around 6 months post GK and beyond. It also felt like something was moving in the avm location at times.. Looking back I now consider it was the GK doing its job closing off the feeders etc.. I think its a good sign for you.. However if it gets real bad you may want to go get checked out for swelling.. Take care..

ok thanks for the reassurance from both of you... I was told to expect feeling symptoms of the internal activity so I'm just hoping it doesnt get much worse. I don't want to make my parents nervous, so as long as my pain is manageable, I am trying to hide it. It's amazing to be able to voice myself in this support group... Thanks for hearing me out!

Hi Birdie,

I had CyberKnife treatment back in June so I am almost at the 6 month mark. I have also had that burning sensation on the back of my head at times which also made me a little nervous but has never been an unbearable pain that doesn't go away with time. Luckily, I have not been experiencing any headaches yet I never had many headaches either. I look at this burning sensation as 2 things. 1 being that the radiation is starting to kick in and do it's job to destroy the remnants of this little creature and 2. the burning sensation could be my new headache for me ... I'm hoping that your headaches become more manageable for you and the burning sensation is just an indicator that your GK procedure is kicking in!!!


Hi - I'm 5 months post Gamma. I find sleeping with an ice pack on the back of my neck helps alot with all different types of discomfort and pain happening in my head. Since Gamma I have developed major swelling and seizures. Seizures started immediately. Taking 2000mg of Keppra.

Your feelings and thoughts perfectly reflect what I am experiencing. Knowing that there is someone out there in such a similar situation, going through the same motions and feelings as I am, is a true and rare comfort. Thanks for your reassurance!

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through such pain and discomfort. I am happy to say that I have not come to such a level of pain that I have to take such measures to function properly. However, if I do feel like I need a new tactic to control any pain, you can be sure your remedy will be on the top of my list! I hope you begin to recuperate asap!