8 years counting

8 years ago from today I had my avm bleed out /brain hemmorhage which put me in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks while drs. Tried to discover what was wrong with me. I was 11 then and now I’m 19 and very happy to be alive.

Yay…I am so glad you are still here. Congrats!

Congratulations, Caity! There is a new person on the AVM Survivor Network, Brooke, who just had her brain bleed in June and is waiting to have surgery on 9/30. You might be a great person for her to meet. She is on Chat alot and has sent many Blogs and Discussions.

Congrats, this is Alessandra’s mom! I’m sooo happy for you! Alessandra is almost to the four month mark, her’s bled on May 31,11. Having a tough day… needing to sleep. She’s 17 and a senor in high school! Celebrate!

Wow! 11 is awfully young to have been through what you did. Glad you are happy and alive!

A BIG congratulations to you, Caity! :slight_smile:

hard to imagine you had it 8 yeas ago and are younger than me now!!! that is awfully young.