A Gift for you all

I posted this as a Blog as well, but this was a Tribute performance I did as an AVM survivor 6 months after my surgery. I take the audience through what it was like and how just holding someone hand can mean the world. I hope this performance helped to spread awareness about AVMs and how strong we all are as human beings, weather we are ill or well, or are family members of those that are Ill.
SO this is to all of you here on this site. I danced my heart out, and I did it to show that I am a Survivor, I am Strong, and NOTHING will keep me down. Please enjoy

Great job, Lyssa!!

That had to of taken LOTS of energy to do - a true sign of a survivor. :)

I hope your audience knew of your AVM surgery.

Dance on,


Yes they did actually. I had the announcer tell everyone as part of my introduction. It was kind of interesting since most people hadn’t seen me in a LONG time so they didn’t know if I would have my head shaved or a nasty scar or what when I started to take the veil off, but when they saw I was Visually healthy with pretty hair it brought them joy to know that I was well. I mean obviously they don;t know what I deal with day to day, or the pain management, but in that moment they just saw a healthy beautiful and Strong belly Dancer