A Great Day!

Cassie saw her neurologist today for her follow up appointment. He gave her a hug and said hello, I had two AVM’s come in this weekend and I thought of you. We all sighed. After evaluating her he said what should I do with you? She said I don’t know? Well he said I am going to put you out to green pastures so you can live. She did not get what he was saying. She asked him can I return to physical education? He said yes, you can return to everything everyone else does, roller coaster rides, everything, then she asked can I go back to SOCCER? He said yes, and you can do all the headers you want! Your head is healed, she smiled so big for him. He told her you are healed. He then told her you hold a bigger purpose in your life, remember that. She happily agreed. He told her to become a doctor, become a neurosurgeon. She smiled so big at him. As we went to go get our dr’s notes saying she can return to everything I hugged her and the receptionist looked at us and said oh I think I am going to cry. I had tears in my eyes too. I remember us being told after her surgery, she may never walk again, and now look where we are. Her hard work is paying off, even though she can play again she still needs some more rehab to get her back to where she was before. She will continue her rehab until they release her. Cassie has the biggest smile on her face. That is the most I have seen her smile ever. This weekend she will play the sport she has worked really hard to get back to. I am so proud of her, she has really shown me so much. I had someone tell me, her guardian angel was her neurologist and I am going to have to agree. Thank you so much Dr. Muhonen for everything you have done for our family and for our daughter! God Bless you! She will play this weekend but she will wait till my husband can see her on Sunday! This has been a great day. I am wishing you all well and wanted to share this piece of news. Have a great day everyone!

Such great news for you and Cassie, Cynthia. My neurosurgeon said nearly the same things to me at my first and then my last follow-up. Basically, you’re cured now go out and live your life. Take some pictures of Cassie playing soccer and post them here. We would love to see her in action!

I’m so happy for you and your daughter! Love to hear happy outcomes like this one. Hard work pays off every time. God bless you!

So happy to hear such an uplifting story. Score that goal for Dr. Muhonen and his team. Run free and have fun with it. Thanks for sharing your good news.

That is wonderful! It sounds like you have a great doctor. Congrats and thanks for sharing; it gives us all hope.

Great news. Thanks for the positive. My son is scheduled for Dec. 6th and his biggest concern through this is when he was going to be able to play soccer. I will pass on this encouraging news to him. Thanks for sharing.

What great news! I’m so happy for Cassie!!! I was varsity soccer in high school (just a few years ago) and I loved the game. So happy she has a free pass to live her life to the fullest.

Congratulations on that great news. Made me cry to read this. All the best to her.

Tears again Cynthia…but happy ones!! Absoultely wonderful news for you all, and also great hope for all of us too! I,m very happy for your daughter Cassie and of course, for all of your family. Take care and enjoy life!!

Congrats, glad to hear good news

Yeah! So happy to hear the good news. Go Cassie!