A happy parent! 11 years after Melissa's AVM

I have wondeful news, 3 weeks ago Melissa (founder of “nostrainonthevein.com” and Nov.4th Gala ) was informed that 90% of her AVM was blasted away by Gamma knife…Doctor is saying the rest could disappear in the next 12 months or they can zap the rest meaning they now have an actually plan… 11 years ago they could nt do anything, 2 years ago they started with a theory, the AVM was to large to be fully treated by Gamma Knife… Gamma Knife at best has a 60% success rate so Mel’s positon has greatly improved. The deamons and chains of her past 11years are almost off. Call it what you will, it’s a miracle of lucky science? AVMaria is almost gone… for a dad to see her daughter finally free is all I need to know in life. If you are in Ontario come celebrate and support our Doctors and Hospitals by attending the Gala… We need better information and a better rate of success! All the best to you!

Congratulations to you and Melissa! That’s truly great news.

Hi Ed. This is FANTASTIC news! I am so happy for the both of you!!

Certainly something to celebrate Ed and can feel your relief and happiness in your words - we all just love hearing these miraculous outcomes and I thank you for sharing!!! So very happy for your family and Melissa’s good health – a very long road to have traveled yet the pot of gold was there waiting for all of you :))!!!


Wow! Fantastic news. :slight_smile:

That is wonderful news. Congratulations! All the best to you both!