A little bummed out!

So I know compared to what some of you are dealing with this is pretty unimportant but I think we have to cancel our family vacation in September!! I am in Canada and we have been planning a trip to Florida with family friends for over a year now. I have had treatment for my DAVF (embolization) and the doctor has cleared me for travel but I just found out my insurance may not cover me if something did happen while we were on vacation. Something brain related! So not sure if it is worth the risk. I think if we watied a year I would be covered since my treatment would be longer than 3 months with no changes!! Oh well at least I am alive… This vacation was just my light at the end of the tunnel!! Thanks for listening I know that I shouldn’t even waste energy on this when my blessings are so large!!!

Florida is one of my favorite places on earth. My daughter had an AVM hemorrhage in January 2009. We were granted a Make-a-Wish trip to Florida in June 2009. I know it’s a bit longer than your timeframe. We had a great time, just took our time a little more than we might have otherwise. Take care. Good luck!

Of course you would be bummed out any one would.

Kia Kaha Taiki


with good health you have many things to look forward to… skys the limits and good things are coming… understand being bummed especially when you went thru this it would have been nice… but your future is bright !!

Thanks! I know in the big picture it is pretty small but the kids have been so excited so I hate to dissapoint them!! They have never seen the ocean and my daughter is everything princess so was so excited for Disney!

What does neurologist say? If he says go, then do it :slight_smile:

He says I am fine to travel! Everyone is saying just go so I am leaning towards just risking it and going… I mean I have had the treatment and he said the angio showed it was closed so I should be fine!!

You fought to live. Take your family and enjoy your trip. It’s very hard not to be afraid it will happen again, but you don’t want to live in fear. Good luck!!

I would go for it if I was you. Life is there…live it!

I was in your same spot a few years ago. A month after my procedures my doctor cleared me for travel but the insurance company threatened to drop my coverage if anything brain related went wrong. I went on the trip because my doctor made me feel very confident that I’d be fine. It ended up being a lovely trip and did me some good to get away and feel normal for a while. It is a calculated risk, but if it’s a once in a lifetime deal to get all of your family and friends together for the trip it may be worth the risk.

I am going to wait to talk to my doctor one more time and then decide for sure! My kids are still young so we would be able to go in the future but the dynamics would be so different!! My doctor is also confident I will be fine and I have never had a bleed it was fixed before I bled! Why can’t anything with this stupid thing be simple??? LOL :slight_smile: