A little help would be much appreciated

Hi, my name is Nathan and I have recently found this website and think its great.

I was just wondering if I could get some advice, The doctors have found 9 tiny avms in my lungs as well as nose, I go for an MRI on the 16th of August, I was just wondering the fact that i have them in my nose and lungs does that increase the chances of having them in the brain.

And / or is it a higher chance of having or not having them in the brain.

Any help would mean alot.

Thank you


Hi Nathan. I cannot answer your question. However…you may wish to check this site out…

Hi Nathan. I did a search on here for you…

Hey nathan… either way no matter where they are at, they are scary as hell! I had one in my brain that ruptured and i am terrified of everything now… from headaches to back aches.,not knowing where they are is sooo scary! Buton here you will find alot of great support, I know i do!

Nathan, welcome to the group. I was going to suggest researching HHT, but I see Barbara already did (she’s awesome for that, btw). Good luck!

Hello Nathan and welcome to this support group where you will receive all the support you need when you need it. All you have to do is ask :))! I also cannot answer your question but the good news is that you are now being treated!!! I also had a brain AVM that ruptured earlier this year, without warning, and am in the last leg of my treatment now. I was very lucky as I had little to no difficiencies except extreme fear that lightens as each day passes!


Thank you for all the replies, very much appreciated.

According to the doctor there is a high possibility I could be worrying about nothing at all, so I need to learn to not let it take control of my life.

My heart goes out to the people who it has affected and have had ruptures, Im glad its on the mend and you are doing better.

The lung ones are tiny and are barely shunting so I have been told to leave them alone. i just pray there is none in the brain.

Once again thank you and if I can help anyone in here please dont hesitate.

Kindest Regards

Hi Nathan, keep smiling and live your life :slight_smile:

Hi Nathan,

Try not to waste time worrying about something that may not / ever exist (ie in your brain) - the ‘what if’s of life. Try not to read too much into various posts - you say that you found this site, ’ a little knowledge can be a bad thing’ as they say.

Keep smiling