A little iscussion of somethink

Does your doctors allow you to drink coffee alcohol and smoke?If the avm is treated.As long as i had avm it was forbidden to drink and smoke.Now they told me i can drink some coffee and alcohol but i don’t know if it’s right.Thank you guys

i like your conclusion

Thats something I always wanted to ask. Daniel doctor says he cannot run, jump, hop, etc. etc Was this the same for everyone? Yesterday was terrible. The school changed the gym class hour. So Daniel was there, luckily I asked first and brought him home. The thing is when he come back the children ask him why he cannot do the gym class, etc, etc…I feel terrible.


I agree with Liam on this one ( Welcome back by the way, Liam.) It is your choice ultimately as a patient whether you heed your doctor’s advice or not. I’m not sure what effect coffee would have on an AVM anyway. The advice regarding alcohol may have been prudent if you had a tendency towards seizures. Alcohol, as well as extreme fatigue and intercurrent illness, has a tendency to increase the frequency of seizures in those already susceptible to seizure activity, and whilst every case is different, I don’t think that alcohol is contraindicated in AVM patients.

I had this same discussion with my neurosurgeon aged 16. (I mean, I’m Irish for Christ’s sake; if he had put a blanket ban on alcohol back then, I’d have been better off dead!!)

With regards to the issue with smoking, whilst it wont directly affect your AVM, it is a fairly lethal substance in the long term, and nearly all doctors will tell you to stop it regardless of your condition. that’s just the way it is!


chinese ppl always hav taboo for eating especially after big injury or operations… the day i was discharge after my operation…my doc and nurses reminded me…i can eat or drink anything…hey wait.is this before of after avm ur talking about…doc never said anything about coffee or alcohol…hell…i was served coffee for breakfast n tea everyday in d hospital after my first burst…oh no im rambling.

tats funny…bout banning alcohol… hey wat neurosurgeon can be tat young? 16 yrs old?

I was told the same thing, no smoking or drinking while having the avm…While there is an avm nope to drinking or smoking…

Nobody told me no coffee, but no alcohol. I don’t know if not being told about caffeine has anything to do with only haaving the proton beam though.

My neurosurgeon is a relative of mineans ok now he allowed me only little alcohol one drink and sometimes coffee.He told me if i want to drink just one drink or one glass of beer.Generally he told me from the beginning it is forbidden because all these things are making something to the blood vesseles which i cannot describe in english.

HAHA, ok- seriously, I clear all with my DR (neuro). But, when I go to Puerto Rico (vacation) or to the clubs, I have ONE drink or two (maybe three) beers. If I’m at home, I drink wine. ALL THIS WITH MODERATION. I also wait a few hours BEFORE I take meds (I dont take meds WHILE DRINKING!!). As far as I’m concerned- I can smoke ALL the cigars I want (I also cleared that, MY DR said “it’s OK”). I’ve been AVM-free for 11 years, maybe that’s the reason? oh, caffeine; that’s what keeps me going! Otherwise, I’ll be in bed right now- or 3 hours ago, since I had a TRIPLE SHOT of expresso at 7pm (caramel machaitto, from Starbuck’s)
Regis =)

I too was told to not take gym class for a year following surgery. Before I had the surgery (a few months between bleeding and surgery) I was not allowed to ride a bike or run outside. I had to skip out on gym in 2nd grade but the next year I was fine and able to do all (most ) things w/o a worry. Good Luck with everything !

You too were cheated! I guess with everyone its different. IN REHAB, I was lifting weights and it got to the point that my right arm COULD NOT keep up with my left. I was bench pressing 205lbs (for a 130lb person, that’s respectable). I found my limitiation when a 75lbs dumbbell landed CLOSE to my face, my right arm gave out…

Yes I was drinking throughout my whole AVM epedimic? And now since it is still around I may have another one. cheeers!!!

i’m worse for smokin now had given up for 18 weeks and now back smoking worse than ever. and am drinkin still but a lot lot less. i don’t drink coffee. i like tea better
i think we take out of it wot we want, have to live right

of course Amanda. I think that’s why the Dr.s do not tell us anything about living. Except you have to quit smoking… It is bad for you and your partner also.

Nevertheless i stoped smoking and drinking whatever since 17 september of 2006 the day i had my seizure and now after avm recovery i only sometimes drink coffee and alchohol.No more smoke.

that is good Nikos. Cigarette or Marijuana smoke can kill you naturally.

I agree with you i now understood

Troy if i was still with my partnet i would up the smoking to 2 pac’s a day
No seriousy i am trying as i have a son of 7, i don’t smoke in front of him, i usually go out into garden

Thats funny…I didn’t know you had this blog here because I just not wrote a blog asking the same thing.
I just had the gammaknife and was told not to smoke, but it was okay to drink and drink coffee and to work out. I though if i do any of these things I have some kind of side effect.
I want to know once the AVM is obliterated can you do all these things and will you still have seizures or will they go away???