A little off topic: 20/20 story about Gabriele Gifford's treatment and recovery efforts

If you missed this on TV last night, here is a link to watch it:

Although she was shot and not the result of an AVM, the therapy and treatments were probably not that different from what a lot of our members have experienced. Warning-it is graphic. As I watched it last night, I was so impressed with the therapists in how dedicated and loving they were.

Ron, KS

I recorded it last night, but haven't had time to watch it. Her Houston neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim, is my neurosurgeon. :)

That's cool!

Ron, ks

I almost bought their book at Wal-mart this afternoon. Has anyone read it yet?

I watched it Ron and felt the same way Ron -- what a remarkable story and an amazing recovery that was full of dediciation, love and compassion!!!