A Message from Dianna Clary

I hheard from Erin’s mom today, and the news is not good. Please keep them in your prayers.

“my dearest friend Connie
things have been very bad here. my brother died October 30 and then erin got another bleed and we had to have her air-flight to Minnesota, the doc told us she can not leave Minnesota so we had to find an apartment here for her and vito and mariah. i have not been on the net for along time, my life is just in a very bad place now. please let everyone now and ask them to please keep us in their prayers. erin has to have surgery to try and stop the bleed before she can have her next gamma. i am so scared and worried. first my sis then my brother and now erin being so sick again, i just wish it would stop, my nerves and spirit are just broken…”

Hi Connie that is so tough, i will pray for Erin and Dianna

Connie thank you for the update. Please let Dianna know Erin, her and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.