A question for some of the newer members here please

In the past few days, there have been new responses to messages that are 2-4 years old, which is fine.

I'm just curious if some of the newer members are reading the past four years of posts, which would seem like a daunting task. OR, are members using the great search box at the upper right, searching for terms that match the AVM condition or treatment option that they have. Even at that, there has to be many, many posts to review.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is great. I'm just curious and if some of you who have replied to older posts can tell me how you found them, I would appreciate it.

Ron, KS

I noticed that too and found myself answering very old posts that I thought were new because they were on the top of the list. I have learned to look at the date now first. haha I would assume people use "search", as I did that when i was first member here.

I did the same thing dandelionwishes did - I check the posting dates.. :)