A rough few days

We have a Nor’easter coming our way the next 48 hours, and I am a few weeks post due for some acupuncture for relief of the human barometer feeling…

In addition to this blah feeling, though my better-half graciously understands my grave concerns about passing along my genes an offspring, it is clear baby fever has struck our household. I don’t have a compulsion towards kids, but I get a strong sense The Misses wanted to either be a mother for this Mother’s day or ‘with child’. I understand there is a strong biological impulse for some to reproduce, I guess I just don't have it.

I have never really been one to calculate odds or concern myself with the future, I am usually too busy enjoying the moment at hand, could I really finally be growing up at 35? I am scared to death at the thought of either passing this along to a child, or not being able to be with my wife & kid for as long as possible….I guess after being married for 10 years and having exchanged the 'for better & for worse', I'm just tired of being the one who offers up 'the worse'....


i understand your concern but i have been told numerous time that is not something it can be pass down to is just something you are born with in other words in the belly you just don’t develop right and i guess we hit the lotto and are part of that 1% who are born with an a.v.m. Even though i know all this i am still scared i have not had kids too i am 25 all my friend have at least 1 but not me and now i have to get the ok from my doctor wish you luck

I have 2 children and am scared to death they might have won the lotto too. All my neuro dudes tell me not worry there is not enough evidence that AVMs are hereditary. I still worry, but believe that I was given this to spare my babies from harm. This is not the worst. You are here and alive. This is a trial of life and never give up. As far as having children don’t be pushed into anything. They are a lot of work, but for me they are my greatest joy.