About bleeds

sorry to ask and sound stupid, i read people talking about bleeds is this for people with avm in the brain or can any avm bleed and cause head aches?

Yes, any AVM can bleed. I don’t know if a bleed in any other part of the body would cause headache however.

Thats not a stupid question. The nature of the AVM is that it could bleed, being veins and arteries. When my mums bled, she was on her death bed, fighting off inoperable cancer. After 50 years my AVM was diagnosed, but it had never bled. I had more headaches from a skull fracture than i have ever had from the AVM, or any procedure.

Please always keep in mind that each AVM is unique - oh, and always jot down lotsa notes when dealing with any medical people, never be afraid to ask questions, and remember that NO professional would be offended if you choose to seek a second opinion. Thoughts are with you and your precious little one, Tony