What sort of Activities do you take part in too keep busy and from losing your mind?

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Thank’s so much

You couldn't have said that any better (smiling) - "To keep from losing your mind".

I have a God-daughter who I help raise and she stays with me 3 to 4 days a week. With her being only 3 years old, she keeps me pretty busy. When I don't have her. I keep busy doing odd jobs on my house. Painting my windows, yard work, things like that. The problem I have with that is, I can only do it when I feel up to it.


Wouldnt mind knowing them also.

I’m taking a course online…helps me to focus when reading something I’m interested in.

Stay active - we go bowling! It will help strengthen weakened muscles.

I get into craft work, poetry writing, or I'll just take a walk along some of the trails in my neighborhood.

play with the pets, play guitar, fish, watch TV, read, walk around, annoy my wife, putz around the yard