Actually I laughed

I had posted recently about concerns over my Limbic System, because my emotions are So Muted since the bleed in '09...and thanks for all the suggestions and input. But then this afternoon, I laughed spontaneously, and it was downright refreshing! If it helps anyone; we, my husband and our 6 children are dedicated athaletes, we roll from one season of sports directly into the next and remain competative at all times! My middle child was not blessed with the same athaletic physique and drive as the rest of us finatics--such is the lot of a middle child! He was rambling around the house in his No school for the holiday outfit, jeans with no shirt. My husband rather loudly asked him why he was So chubby--and where he got that body? And my 14 year old daughter, from her bedroom still at 11am, starts rapping the song, "Im sexy and I know it" The whole house dissolved in laughter! Not sure if it was her poor tone or the jest at her little (chubby brother that ignighted the humor? All in all we laughed and all was good!


I'm convinced that laughter helps keep you healthy, and for sure keeps a family healthy when you can laugh together.

Some of my best memories are of our family laughing about something--and it's usually something I say or do that ignites it.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS