Advice please

Once I have a little more information guys I’ll let you know about where my avm is and how bad it is, but I need some advice on people I can see about it because the guy I see at the moment is useless :frowning: He has not told me anything about it and so I’v been living with it for 5 years and I don’t know anything. I just had my bubby girl in january and want to live for her :slight_smile:

Hmmm, lost my reply...........

Hi Letiesha,

Can't help you directly, but try going to the Members page, scroll down to Advanced Search, then type in your state and Australia, or just AU. That will bring up names of members down under. Then you can search for their posts, which might give you dr names.

Hope this helps.

Ron, KS

Hi there I to have 2 kids and living in nz I have had linac treatment on my brain avm, dont know who can help you in aussie but search the site there is heaps of cool chickies to talk to in aussie, hope you are okay Janine

Hello Letiesha, depending where in QLD you are, there is an excellent neurosurgeon on the Gold Coast. His name is Dr. Leong Tan and his rooms are in the Southport Private Hosp in Nerang St, just opposite the Qld public hospital. He did my surgery in 2009, and I cannot speak highly enough about him. Also, a great neurologist is Dr. Maxwell, he is in Tweed St, Southport, very close to Dr.Tan.

I hope this helps and I really hope you can see Dr Tan, he is one of my angels!!

Welcome to this great group and let me know how it goes. Lesley.

Hi Letiesha,

Dr. Brian Brohpy, and his team at the University of Adelaide Hospital treated me, and performed my surgery so that I could fly back home to Canada. They were exceptional, and I am very greatful that my bleed happened where and when it did.

In the summer of 2009, I was travelling through Australia, and discovered that I had an AVM through a siezure. The Gold Coast hospital was where I was initially treated, and told there was a tiny chance anything would ever happen again. 2 months later, I was in a youth hostel in Adelaide, and that is when the bleed occured.



Thanks guys, I will do everything you all said. I just don’t want my avm to bleed :frowning: I have a daughter to live for

hay if you can afford to fly down to Sydney, Dr Michael Morgan is AVM specialist Macquarie University Hospital