Hello everyone,
I would like to take a moment and thank you all for the warm welcome. Also for the information on the meds. I am new to this and I am having a little trouble moving around the site.

I would like to say a few things and hopefully get some answers. My husband has an AVM on the right frontal lobe it is about 2.5 cm. This was a surprise and since we found out life has not been the same.

We had ct, mri and angio to confirm it. Now the big question is what to do.

We had a radiation consult on 6/2. Radiation seems easy enough the doctors make it seems a routine procedure and they are very positive. (I feel that they are selling a product) I on the other hand feel a little uneasy. I do not like the idea that it will take 3/5 years for the avm to be treated with a chance of having to repeat the procedure. Also the chance of paralys on the left side scares me.

We are consulting with another surgen at a different hospital on 6/13 to discuss possible removal. I feel that removing the avm would be better because than it will end it. I do realize that there are risks involved like infections and bleeds or even a stroke.

We could also just leave it alone and wait. That is the suggestion of another surgen

Since we have received this news our life has been changed. We are overwhelmed with all the informations and we have and trying to make a decision that will effect you for the rest of your life is very hard.

I am so glad that I found this support group and you all have made me feel welcome. I do appreciate it especially since a lot of people do not know what an AVM is. I did not know either untill we had to start taking all of this tests and meet with all different doctors.

What I would like to ask is Is there a web site that has informations on what the rate of success are on the different procedures to take care of an AVM.

I know some of you have the different procedures is there something that you would have liked to have know before you made that decision. Or is there something new that I have not heard of. In other words where also can I get more info that will help us in our decision. I do realize that everyone is different and size, location and other factors about the AVM are necessary and need to be taken in consideration.

Like I said before it is all new to me and I would greatly appreciate any input or advice.

Thank you and May God bless you all.


Dear Silvia
Usually, Neuroradiologists recommend Embolization, Neurosurgeons recommend open surgery and Radiosurgeons recommend Gamma Knife or Cyber Knife.
General mendation is Open Surgery for the GRADEs of 1&2&3.If your husband AVM is Superficial as the location is in a more or less mute and silent part of his brain(providing that he is right handed), the best solution is EMBOLIZATION FOLLOWED BY OPEN SURGERY.
Please let me know about the GRADE of his AVM.


I suggest that you google the word “PUBMED”, if you haven’t done so already.That will have a list of all the medical literature published over the last 20 or so years. Type in AVM and you will get the abstracts of relevant articles. Getting the full articles may mean you have to go to the library of your nearest medical university. Also try a site called; that may have some relevant info.Best of luck.