After 3 years of having my avm surgery, why do i still feel so tired and run out of breath easily?

i had my avm removed 3 years ago and i have made quite a decent recovery, and i have a chunt on my head and im taking headache medication all day. my question is, are my headaches ever going to go away and why do i fell so tired and run out of breath with just a short walk. will i feel better than this some day?

Hi Marilu..It's been 4 years for me and I have to say (and I call it brain tired) that I have to rest when I feel tired. No matter what, when you feel tired, take a rest. As for headaches, it seems that I get one exactly at 3 PM every day...Don't know why, but I just take Tylenol and they go away...Keep the Faith.

Hi Marilu,
I'm 3 1/2 years post bleed/surgery. I still get incredibly tired. I probably always will. Our brains have to work harder than people who've never had any type of brain trauma (even is you didn't have a bleed you did have brain surgery) so we're bound to be tired. Like Louisa said, listen to your body. If you are feeling tired, rest. You don't have to sleep necessarily. For me just sitting in a quiet room for a while helps immensly. Good luck!

thank so much swami, im hopeing my headaches will deminish some day too, that is whats keeping me from doing many thing around the house. but i have made a big improvement with my balance,i dont use my cane that much but i still stumble here an there.i wish you good luck and keep making progres.

thanks louisa, im hopeing ill get of these strong pain killers soon too. i dont want them to damage my kidneys. and happy hollydays to you and your family.

thanks trish, i just went to see ginecologist for an exam on another issue, and he told me ill probably wont get any better than this, but heck, he is no brain surgeon. thanks for your advice and happy hollydays.

I had my craniotomy done on 4/2009, I do feel tired but I tried to take a rest laying down or sitting down....I get slight headaches seems that never are going to go away but I just take a tylenol....
also with this i started with tinnitus I still have the noise on my ear sometimes it feels like It gets louder...It seems that it takes a while for the symptoms to go away!!!...Have faith my friend, everything will be okay some day... God luck and god bless

hi marilu i had my surgey two and a half years ago had a bleed stroke sezure a day later wes put on a coma for a while when i came out had weaknes an my right side speech balance i,ve made heaps of proges the fatigue is my big problem its always with me i hear people say it wont het better others say it will i think the longer it takes the mowe inpatient i get and havig to go to bed so early couse i,m tired but i was lucky the dockore told me but your mind doesnt wat to hear that,you just dont want to feel so worn out all the time, i feel for u marilu shane crotty

hi Shane, try not to listen to what other people say, i know you feel scre when they say that but its not true. i started crawling and on a wheel chair, but i did my dayly walking exercize with the help of my family and then i was using a walker and i kept exerciseing, now i use a cane and my balance is fairly good.and i still use a stationary bike. so you do have plenty of room for progress, and prove those people wrong. good luck, just keep going.

Marilu, my surgery was July 2009 and I still get very tired. I am learning to listen to my body & when I am tired, I have a rest, not always a sleep but I need peace & quiet for a while. As Louisa said, "brain tired" is just how it feels and really, our brain have had huge trauma, bleed and/or surgery, so they need looking after. Take care Marilu.

I have the same issues. My AVM dr. says that the AVM is not the cause of my headaches. That it may have triggered the headaches. I tried to get off of the headache meds. and after two days realized that they were worse. That I was going to have to be on the meds to keep the headaches under control. My headache dr. cannot tell me why I am having headaches. Some days are worse than others. It has been 2-1/2 years since my GK.

I kinda look at it like Lesley. My brain is tired. It is a way of someone telling me to slow down. When I can, I try and stop and lay down and put cold pack on my head.

I totally agree with Trish. I still have to have some "zone out" time...I get tired, but sometimes I just need to turn off thinking and stress and sometimes I sleep...or sleep will find me. meditation seems to work well, too. also, I just heard recently that lack of water can cause tiredness; of course, you want to stay hydrated, but I think that it has more to do with brain surgery, etc.

Hello Marilu.....
I feel the same way. It's been 3 yrs since my surgery and I still get occasional headaches and dizziness. Everyday I assess myself if any of the symptoms are directly attributed to my AVM surgery. Example... Headaches sometimes due to my stress and depression. For this, I force myself to exercise( walking, biking, stretching etc.)Dizziness is due to my Antiseizure drug--Lyrica. I do not overdo it. When I get some signs of weakness, I rest and do something else. My issues included tiredness, patience, irritation and sometimes depression. I feel I improved compared from last year. I hope you do too.

Marilu, my AVM was removed in 1987. My headaches subsided. Even though I was nowhere near as healed as I am, currently, I joined a local university’s gym and it made a bit of positive difference for me; currently, my wife and I go to a gym and we work with a personal trainer who allows me to drop out if things are too hard. I never was really loose-jointed; my final bleed made me tighten up, even more.