After-effects after gamma-knife. Can you get a new cerebral hemorrhage after treatment?


First of all I would say I`m happy to find this site.

I was diagnosed AVM in late 2002 (12 years old). A small cerebral hemorrhage in the cerebellum.

Three months later i got gamma-knife treatment.

So my queston are: Can you get after-effects after gamma-knife/AVM? Can you get a new cerebral hemorrhage after treatment?

The reason I`m asking is that I`ve got som problem the last two years:

* Tired all the time.
* Forgetting things, often 10sec after sombody tell me something.
* Talking-problem, problem to say the right words and pronunce them on direct.
* Left hand (the hand that got partially paralyzed) is shaking in the fingers.

I`m happy for all replies :)


Hi there. My son had Gamma 4 years ago and we were just talking about his lingering symptoms. IF your Gamma was 100% successful and you don't have any other AVM's, I do not think you will experience another bleed. My thought is that radiation to the brain causes damage of some kind to the tissue surrounding the AVM and yes, I do think that you can have lingering affects from this. He complains of the same things that you do. Also if you are on anti-seizure medications, these may be a factor as well. I think you should talk to your doctor or neurologist about these symptoms. You are young so there may be some treatments or rehab that you can do to help with this.
Take care, Stig.