After effects of Gamma Knife

Hi everyone, i am wondering if anyone who has had GK had any side effects. I found a lump last year on the same area of my AVM (right frontal lobe), i have ignored it, yet it has progressively got bigger, its very visible to see when my hair is off my face and in the light it looks like i have walked into the door lol.
I am gettin concerned about it now, but thought i would see what your take on it could be. I next see my neurologist in 2 weeks, and will mention it and hopefully he will get me an MRI booked asap to reassure me. One thing i do remember reading is that there is a small risk of a tumour developing after GK. Any information would be gratefully received.
thanks guys!
Hugs xxxx

Hello, My name is evan Evans and I have had 2 lots of gamma knife treatment. The only side effects that I have suffered from is a sore skull, where the halo was clamped in place. I would discuss it with your surgeon or e-mail the hospital where you had the treatment done to be safely assured. Hope things go well for you as my AVM has been reduced by95%. warm regards, Evan Evans.

Bev, I would ask your GP to look at it before your neurologist appt, should be nothing to worry about. Kev