All I wanted was something to eat

It was St. Paddy's Day and I was working in my salon here at my house. I was in the middle of a perm and hadn't had a chance to eat that day because a friend had come by during my lunch time and needed a friend's shoulder to lean on. From that moment on a series of events started to unfold, a series of fortunate events. I slipped and fell coming from my kitchen in a rush to get back to my client, I fell and hit my eyebrow and to the point stitches were nessecary. I finished the client and on with her life she went, I haven't heard from her since. My son arrived home and now able to drive I told him to take me to the nearest Patient First because I didn't want to take time away from really sick people in the ER. They instructed my son to take me to the ER. I didn't realize the white I was seeing on my eyebrow was actually skull, that decision on the Dotor's part, saved my life. I then was given 2 scans, all normal with head trauma. The radiologist didn't like what he saw and ordered yet another scan. I was tired, hungary and a bit put out with all the hussel and bussel. I wanted to go home and get something to eat.

My orders from the Doctor was to see a Neurosurgeon. What? OK fine. I made some calls to clients I know and trust and read then the results I had on paper. They agreed. I had no time for this beacuse my son was leaving for Disney for a marching band competition and I had more clients to do, besides I just hit my head. What's the big deal? The Big deal was the radiologist found my AVM.

AVM? What in the world is that? While investigating I found you guys. Day after day I read stories and get posts on peoples journeys and I find myself responding to people I have never met with support for them and their loved ones. People send me support. I was confused? Why do they have me in their prayers? They are the ones who are sick. Their families are the ones who are going through so much. Yesterday as they put a tube in my groin to see my brain, yet another test to give them a better idea on how to deal with my AVM, it dawned on me. I am one of them! My family is just like theirs! Oh my. All I wanted was to get a sandwich now all I want is for it to be over.

I have been given the best gift of all. I know I have this and now it can be dealt with prior to it causing more havoc than it already has. My journey begins!

Hello Lori .
I would most certainly say that the luck of the Irish is with you !

Lori- Good luck on your journey! And thanks for sharing with all of us. I’m so glad to hear that you found our site and are getting to read stories and interact with everyone. I hope that it will make your journey a little easier and that pretty soon this WILL be over…and you can have a sandwich to celebrate! :slight_smile: