Did anyone experience Alopecia post surgery? I remember my sisters doctor telling us its normal to experience alopecia post surgery which is is experiencing now. Her avm was removed on oct 5h, but id like to know if anyone else has experienced and when did the hair stop falling off…


Yes, it’s completely normal; she had an embo, right? They use radiation to guide the procedure, so there’s temporary hair loss from that. It will be in a limited area, just where the radiation was targeted, and it definitely will grow back. I can’t remember how long my husband’s hair took to grow back in, but we think it was about 2 months.

If your sister doesn’t like the look of it, playing around with hats, scarves, or haircuts might help her find a look she can live with till it grows back in!

I had Gamma Knife in June & crani for aneuryisms in July. I was assured both times that hair loss wouldn’t be an issue, but I did have a patch that became extremely thing about 2 months post surgery. It now seems to have slowed down.

I wore scarves & caps until mid-September to cover my scar & the shaved area. has some designed especially for women with hair loss. There are MANY styles & colors to choose from. I have one of their scarves & one of their caps (in addition to all of the other scarves I already owned & the ones I purchased post-surgery).

Yes Nina, it is quite common for hair to either fall out of break off. Mine was a couple of months after being in a coma. My daughter took me to the hairdressers and I had my hair cut super short. It didn’t take long for it to grow back in and now, I liked it so much, that I now keep it really short!
Good luck & all the best to you & your sister.xx

Thanks, everyone. JH yes my sister had 3 embo and her crani on oct 5th… Her hair lose is in the back of her head which i am happy she can cover it with either a scarf or her own hair. Her hair in the top of her head where they shaved thankfully is growing back super fast.A.collins thanks for the website i will check it out now. They cut her hair from her hair like till the top of her head. So she sort of looks like she has a mullet.he he… i tease her because she is such a girly girl but she doesnt care about how she looks she is just thankful to be alive and well… thanks Nina

I had the Gamma knife Radiation for my 4cm AVM located in the left frontal lobe of my brain. The DR’s told me I would most likely not lose my hair around the location of my radiation, but some people have lost their’s in the past. I am a Hair stylist so, u could understand i was very worried.
Well, two month’s later I woke up getting ready for work and started brushing my long hair and realized my hair was falling out and it took two day’s for all the hair to fall out. It was on top of my head closse to the hairline. I didn’t go into work for a week, until I found a wig store. They have 100% real hair wigs so u can curl it and wash it. They r more expensive then the synthetic wigs, but definitley worth it. They fitted it to my head and cut it to how i wanted it to be. No body could tell I was wearing a wig except for the people who new I lost my hair. I know it’s located in the back of her head, but it still effects ur insecurities and she already has had to go through enough already. So, I highly suggest going this rought.

I notice now that my hair falls out on my head - i had no embo and no GK - I had a Crani on october 6. and in the last few weeks i noticed i loose hair...i don´t know why.....maybe from thse stress of the surgery....????