Alternative methods (Homeopathy etc. ) to support surgical methods

I have an extra-cranial AVM and have experienced symptoms for nearly 20 years now. About 10 years ago I began to experience external ulcerations. Had a series of embolizations in 2005 - 2007. Good success, but as expected the avm grows back. Am now having to go through more embolizations, and am having more post surgical challenges this time around.

My surgeon doubts that we can totally remove the avm, and that management is a more appropriate strategy, although I suspect there limitations to that plan. I am curious about alternatives such as homeopathy, etc, that might help to slow growth.

Any thoughts?

To bad no replies, i guess all the zombies only know about is what there told, drugs and/or surgery .Does anyone have any comments or know anything about healing without the use of drugs and surgery.I think it would be very helpfull for all if some one could offer a perspective on this???

Hello there! I am not a doctor, but I am all about alternative treatments. I do not like taking medication, and love to research alternative medicine whenever I feel a little under the weather. I read recently in Natural Health Magazine (Dec/Jan 2012> PG 26) that Olive oil actually reduces the likelihood of a stroke by 41%. Also, whole grains and dark greens are considered as "brain food". Essentially this is a blood issue, so whatever is good for your heart is going to be beneficial for your brain.
Now, I don't know that this will prevent anything from happening, but I know these methods will make you feel better! Holistic/Alternative medicine is a huge practice. Maybe there are people in your area that can offer a more accurate response to this.

Best wishes to you!