Andrew in surgery......keep messages coming

They took Andrew into surgery this morning. He was smiling and joking, as usual. When the doctor asked what he would rather be doing he said “I’d rather be in school”. We knew at that moment he really does need brain surgery. All joking aside I’m scared to death as you can imagine, but hanging in there. I will keep you updated, but try to visit his webpage and leave him a message. This has really been helping to keep him positive.

Joking is a good thing! Andrew going into surgery optimistically and with a smile on his face gives him that much better of a chance of coming out of surgery with a smile on his face and telling jokes. I’m sure it will be one of those “This is taking forever!” waits for you, so try to remain positive an know that this is one of those things that is a bit like bruching your teeth… If you want to do a good job, it’s going to take some time!

I just sent him a message and also added the link to my status update on facebook (hope that’s ok!) to get the message out to more people. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I look forward to reading an update soon. XOXO

Left a message a little bit ago as well! I know the wait for the family is the worst part. For us sleepy heads…we are awake one moment, and then seconds later are awake again! The wait doesn’t bother us at all! :wink:

I hope Andrew is doing well and that if he is still sleeping, he is mentally punching the *$%! out of that darn AVM!


Just signed the guest book again on caringbridge but wanted you to know that I was so elated to read that the AVM IS GONE!!! (love those words) You must be so relieved to hear that and I hope he is doing okay. Will wait to hear his progress.
My thoughts are with you all!!! I hope your other son is okay thru all of this too. The poor siblings must feel so helpless in all of this to watch their loved ones in such turmoil. Let him know we are thinking of him too.

I hope all is well !!! I’ll visit the site and send a message.