Angio 3 days away

Angio 3 days away nervous, scared and excited, finally get to know what my final treatment options are from the doctor. Probably won’t sleep the night before. Its funny I couldn’t wait for this day to get here now I’m not so sure I want it to. I know its just nerves. Never thought in a million years I’d have someone or something routing around in my brain LOL !!! Well here goes the count down !! In a way I’m glad i am having it done atleast something is being done not just being sent to one dr to be seen by another dr.

For us, knowing what you had wrong was a key step in getting it fixed.

Best wishes,

Ron, KS

Hi Tonna,

God bless you on your treatment. At least relax and do't get too nervous. It will be fine. =)


Tonna, you’ll be very glad you have a plan and know what’s happening. I understand having the angio and knowing the details can be scary, but the facts are so much more helpful than the worry. And believe me, the info going from one doctor to the next to the next is definitely a very tiring scenario as well. Best wishes this week!!

The first angio I had done, I was nervous and excited too. I was excited because I was finally getting some answers and nervous because, heck... I never had an angio before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Once they got started, they explained every thing to me, step by step and what I was to expect next. They made me feel at ease. I could not have asked for better people to do an angio on me. Oh, and you are allowed to have ice-cream (that's what I wanted) after wards. :)

Until then, try to keep your mind off of it the best that you can. Good Luck!!!

Hey Tonna,

I get a little nervous every time I have an angio, but not too much and less so each time. It'll be over before you know it, and fortunately there's usually enough to do to get ready, especially once you get to the hospital, to help distract your mind and attention.

Wishing you the best, and let us know how it goes and what you find out about treatment options, etc.


Tonna, I understand the mixed feelings!! When it's done, you will be so relieved to actually know what is happening in your brain.

My thoughts, prayers and positive thinking are with you. Lookforward to a positive result.

Ask for some Adivan when you arrive - it make you much more relaxed, the prep and waiting part is a killer. No need for so much anxiety. Good luck and I pray or good news for treatment options. (This is the hard part to much waiting and making choices).

I think you will feel better once you have a plan in place!!

Tonna...I hope you have doctors that make you laugh perfor and during your angio....mine did and it made me so less nervous! To be truthful, my doctors and nurses always made me laugh during my treatments and I love to laugh so things when well!

Keep the faith..I will pray for you through it all!

hey Tonna,

Good luck and i hope everything comes out with clear results. It;s weird to have an angiogram but exciting as well you get to know and see pictures of how your brain is functioning with your AVM. I will be having my second one done some time this month and i cant wait to have it done.

Best wishes


My Angiogram is also 3 days away and I am terrified. I want the answers but I also want to keep away from hospitals. xx