Angiogram - How did you feel after?

I’m having an angiogram this Friday in the morning, and I was wondering how everyone felt after theirs? I’m supposed to go to an event the next day, and I was just wondering if that is possible at all. The doctors haven’t really been specific on what I’ll be able to do the few days after. Plus, figured it be best from personal experience!



I’d say it depends on how much walking and up.down type actions you’ll need to do. Walking, in moderation is OK, but you’ll want to take it easy while you give yourself some time to recover. You don’t want to go pushing it.

I can’t really remember (and it was only late last year), so it mustn’t of been much. I’m pretty sure I felt fine after it, I think all I remember was being told to rest the next day.

Angiograms are typically done by inserting a catheter in Femoral Artery in the groin area. After the procedure, it is very important to make sure that blood clots. Doctors may tell you to lay down for several hours without moving the leg. Most complications occur due to neglect and moving the legs. Keep in mind that it is a big artery with high pressure. I had mine done in last week of May. Doctor left the opening on the day of Angiogram and the next day it was used for Embolization. Good Luck!

Thank you everyone! I’ve decided to skip my meeting, and just take it easy.