Angiogram scheduled and question about treatment

So I got an appointment for the consultation AND the angiogram in the same day, next Tuesday. I am anxious to see what the results are exactly.

For the treatments you've gone through, how much was your decision based on personal preference and how much is based on location/ease of treatment? Did your doctor recommend one thing but you chose another? Is there anything you would change about your treatment if you had the chance?

I am utterly horrified at the thought of the gamma knife and all I keep thinking is that, knowing my luck, it will be my only option based on location of the AVM.

Hi Jennifer.
Don’t be scared of gk. My doc wanted me to do ck and I chose gk because of it’s history and success rate. I rate my pain level from the halo a 2-3 out of 10. If gk is your best option make sure you ask them about putting you to sleep while they fit it. It wasn’t bad at all for me. I would do it again if I had to.

Hi Jennifer I also had Gamma Knife but before that I had 2 embolizations.I was asleep when they fitted me for the gamma knife I had an angeogram the same day. I was sore mostly from the angeo and my head was tender where they placed the halo . My doctor recomended the gk and the embolization.I have had great results with both.I can still work I feel the best I have in years.I started seeing results about a year later(yes it is a slow process)!!! Make a list of questions to ask your doctor like how many they have done and their success rate.You are gonna do great don’t be scared:)Your gonna hear the good the bad & the ugly about some of the surgeries or treatment but just remember everybody is different & everyone responds to treatment differently.Good Luck and please keep us posted we are all here for each other.