I am scheduled to get an angiogram on Tuesday…I am very nervous. I had one before but was in the hospital following my craniotomy and barely remember it…what should i expect? How long will it take? how will I feel after? I was told I will be awake for it…how alert will I be…will I know what’s going on?

Hi Mary Kate,
An angio is a pretty quick procedure. They will put you to sleep under the type of anesthesia where you will still be awake, but comfortable. I woke up during my last one, and I was not in any pain. I just bothered the doc with a few questions and then went back to sleep. The doctor will put a cathether into your femoral artery in your groin area and will guide it to the area of your AVM. They then insert dye so they can see your AVM clearly on the screens. You’ll be in recovery room for a bit and you should be able to leave a few hours later, usually after you pee. I don’t think you will know what’s going on. Good luck!

Hi Mary Kate,
I’ve had quite a few angios - they’re nothing to worry about. With mine, I didn’t have the type of anaesthesia where you go to sleep, I’ve been awake for all the angios I’ve had (and I’ve had about 5 of them). I was given a local anaesthetic which numbs the area where they inject the dye (femoral artery). When they’re taking pictures using the dye, it can feel warm and you may have a funny taste in your mouth. You then have to lay flat and not get up for 4-6 hours after the procedure. You also have to take it easy for the next 24 hours or so. I hope it goes well for you!

My husband has recently had 2 anigiograms, he had his on a fri and was released Sat afternoon, he was barely awake, didn’t remember any of it. Other having to lay still for 2 hours, he didn’t have much pain, only a headache. His took about 2 hours, and then they got him up , he was able to eat and drink afterward also. He didn’t have any problems at all with the angiogram and went to work on Tues. He was tired but alot of that came from the hospital stay and the stress. Hope all goes well for you, Angie

My situation was the same as yours, I had one as an inpatient during my craniotomy days, then another over a year after that. First one I don’t remember either, but my second one was unfortunately a very bad experience. The waiting room and patient ward was jammed packed, and due to an emergency mine was delayed 4 -5 hours. Once it finally got to me, it ended up being quite painful. each injection really hurt and made my head feel like it was on fire…and they did like 10 of them. I was very alert during mine. I honestly I don’t even know if they gave me anesthetics, and if they did it wasn’t enough…

I’m sure yours will be fine though, because I’ve read a few threads about angiograms and I seem to be the only one who found it painful…

I have had a few angiograms with only a local anesthetic where the catheter is fed in. when the dye is used you can feel a warm felling in your head when the images are being taken and can see for yourself the images on the screen. There is nothing to worry about, the worst thing is having to flat for 4 hours, used to be 6 or 8 hours but the last one I had they put a stitch in the artery and I went home the same day, in the past I always had to stay overnight.

Mary kate,
I just had an angio a few months ago before my radiation. I was a little nervous too as I’d heard that the only way to do them was using a vein in the groin area (and I didn’t remember my first one because I was knocked out). However my docs used a vein in my arm and I wasn’t sedated. I felt a warming sensation as the dye entered my body and I felt a sensation to go to the restroom (#1 :slight_smile: ). I wish you the best and remember afterwards to drink plenty of fluids and get some rest afterwards.