So, I had my angiogram yesterday. Things went well…they said that there weren’t any aneurisms within the AVM, and that there is basically only one artery leading to it, which is a good thing. As far as the surgery goes… It looks like it will either be late May or early June.

I just had my angiogram also. Where is your AVM located?

Right occipital lobe

So Craniotomy is the plan then? Glad the angio went well and that the results seem to be pretty “uncomplicated” for your AVM. As much as any of us can claim these things are uncomplicated!!! Glad that you are still being able to move through this process quickly though. It’s great. :slight_smile:

Mine is also in the occipital lobe but a little in the temporal lobe too. I am hoping to have embolization treatments and then a craniotomy. Is that the route you are going??? Mine is 4cm. What is your size?

Yes, I’m going to have an embolization on a thursay and the craniotomy the following tuesday…sometime late May, early June.