I have 8-13-09 as the date of an angiogram. I emailed my doctor’s secretary and she NEVER calls me back. I want to know if it’s a 4 hour procesudure or an 8 hour procedure. I have to have my daughter drive me to Boston (a one hour trip) and it would be nice to let her know, don’t you think? My Doctors old secretary was WONDERFUL, the new one is NOT so good!

louisa, that upsets me so much, its not enough that you are going through such a scarey time, you have to deal with these incompitant people. ring you doctor and let him know about his useless secretary. this is about you, and yes, it is best if your daughter knows what is happening because i am sure she would worry about you too… xxxx

You know…you are thinking about having the angiogram, the last thing you want to think about is when should have the blood work…how long will my daughter have to wait for me while I’m having the angiogram…what will they tell us after my angiogram…so you are right…it’s not fair that this woman makes it so difficult!

louisa… When i went in for my angiogram it was roughly four hours. Got to the hospital around 9 am and was walking out the door at 1 oclock. Or more like limping out the door, i was a little sore for about a week. The angio took roughly an hour to do then the rest of the time was resting. Best of luck…

I would say that it would at least be around 5-6 if they take you in on time. You have to lie flat for 4 hours, right? Remember to go to the bathroom before you have it done because they you can’t after! And take some music to pass the time. Good luck.

The angiogram isn’t very long in itself and takes maybe an hour. It’s the recovery time afterward that takes a while. I’ve had three. The first took almost 8 hours from start to finish. The second two were at a hospital that is FAR more advanced than the first. Start to finish was about 4-5 hours.