has anyone had any problems from there angiogram? i have had it on both sides of my groin area…and i ahev very bad pain and other symptoms

How long ago did you have the angiograms and are the symptoms something that have been there since the angiograms, or are they a new development? I have had three angios and all three have been on the same side within an inch of each other. The first and second were about 3 years apart, the second two were about 6 months apart.

I know that the first angio was by far the most painful to go through, took the longest to stop bleeding, ended up with a lot of very dark bruising in the area and left me limping a bit for a few weeks afterward. The second and third, which took place at a different hospital than the first, were relativey painless during the procedure, and left very little bruising. The one thing that I did notice is that all three angios left a significant lump deep under the skin that lasted longer after each angio. From what I have been told, it is basically scar tissue that comes from both the cath being run through the area. The last angio left about a 1-inch lump that lasted for about a year. While it has been close to 6 years since then, I still occassionally get pain in the area. I have no idea what initiates the pain or what makes it go away, but it is quite annoying.

Hello, Jake. I have only had one angiogram so far - set for another this Friday as part of my craniotomy for my DAVF, but I haven’t had any problems. I am wondering if maybe you would have less issues if the doctor used a plug for where the catheter was inserted as opposed to just applying pressure. It’s called an Angio Seal, I believe, and you should be able to google it. I’m just thinking that maybe this would make a difference. Can’t hurt to ask about it anyway. The main advantage of it is that you only have to lay for 2 hours instead of the usual 6 when the apply pressure. They just plug it up when they’re done, you lay there for 2 hours and you’re good. I had no bleeding from it, and a very very small bruise, hardly even able to see it. Hope this helps.

Whoops! Just say this was posted by Britt and not James. :slight_smile: Sorry about that! Hope my post helps you, Brit! :slight_smile:

Here is what I know … you should go in to see a doctor and have a doppler ultrasound. When they mess with your femoral artery, it is a very serious thing. I had a pseudo aneryseum in my “site” and it required 2 weeks of major moderation of my activity level to heal up, otherwise the alternative would have been surgery. So I happily stayed of my leg as much as I could to allow the site to heal without re-injuring it. The ultrasound will help reassure you that things are going well, which will help with your anxiety. Blessings!

Yes it helps…i had my first anigiogram done in March. Since then it has not healed completely, i get several symptoms throughout the day. It will just start hurting out of no where, and its like it num in that spot if anything touches it, it hurts. I was told it could be nerve damage that it happens alot when angiograms are performed. I had to have another angiogram done for my Gamma Knife surgery on June13th, but i asked them to do it on other side cuz i was scared it was going to mess it up even more. I actually pretty much have healed completely on this last one but the 1st one i had doen really bothers me… :frowning: thanks alot tho for your help everyone!!!

thanks burygold helps me too alot :slight_smile:

I’ve had 2 angiograms. The first they had trouble sealing the artery and as a result I was black and and hurt for weeks afterwards. I had another one two weeks ago and asked them to use a angio seal and it was a completely wonderful experience. The seal is like a button that dissolves. Added bonus is not having to lay still forever. I think I could get up withintwo hours and no bruising at all.

Sorry to hear about the pain! A week before Christmas I had an angiogram and filmed it. I have made a video about my experience and uploaded it to YouTube. Hopefully it will help others who are feeling anxious.

The actual procedure I had was an hour long.

I just had my first angiogram a few weeks ago and I'm still recovering. Luckily I am a school teacher and have had the past 2 weeks off, plus the week I had to take off for my hospital stay. I'm nervous about returning to work- I am still swollen in my leg and bruised on my groin as well.The side of my leg/knee where the AVM is - that is also black and somewhat painful. I'm not able to bend it all the way nor can I walk perfectly yet. It's extremely frustrating as the doctors made it sound like I could do anything but run. I have been trying to move around and even drive but I'm scared its making it worse. At night I have trouble sleeping and getting comfortabl- still elevating my leg but I just feel this bulging sensation that drives me crazy.
I am also worried about nerve damage- the top of my foot is tingly/numb feeling. I have called the doctor's office several times and all they tell is that it wil get better. I'm just glad I'm not alone! :)

my first one was rough because the incision area got infected. i limped for about a week and a half because it really hurt. i hadn't had an angiogram before, so i didn't know if that was how it was supposed to feel, and i didn't want to touch it because i was afraid of making it bleed, as they told me it was very critical that i call an ambulance if it started bleeding because it is directly into an artery. But the second one was not bad at all. i'd talk to your doctor. it could be an infection.

I had five angiograms and all of them were ok; just one gave me pain for about a week until it fully healed off. If you're not certain what might be wrong go back to the radiologist who performed the angiography and let them have a closer look, they know what to do if intervention is necessary.

Good luck!