Another Doctor!?****Let's all laugh about this one!

I live in Missouri but chose to travel to Minnesota for a second opinion. I saw three doctors at Mayo and loved all of them. So my treatment took place in Mn. I stayed there for a week after treatment and then returned home in Missouri. I Had serious pain at the pin sites from the Leskel Frame after returning home. I called my surgeon and he said I needed pain med and to call my primary care physician (pcp) bc. she was closer. So my pcp made me have another MRI and gave me pain medicine. I didn’t have another bleed but the screw was placed pretty deep in my skull so it caused a lot of pain. Anyway,now my pcp wants me to have a local neurologist just in case anything were to happen here again. She gave me his card…his name is Dr. Richard Head!!!(*ick head) So I looked into another neurologist in Mo. and no luck, nobody really knows about AVM. So maybe I will have to see Dr. Dick Head!!!

Oh my, this is too funny, Erin! ROFLMAO

Ha ha ha! I love it! That is too funny.

I agree about the surgeons too. How big and deep is yours? Did you have it treated? I also needed sleeping medicine bc. of fear and the dilantin side effects. I totally understand how you feel.


Really cheered up my morning Erin!!

LOL Erin. Dr Dick

thats my girl!!! always got a funny line are two. i think you get that from daddy, but you are so funny! i love that you finally let the group hear the news about Dr. Dick Head… hehehhe
tell it like it is honey and keep laughing, its great for your health, its been proven that laughter is the best medicine.
i love you babygirl

Just read this and yes, I have dealt with Dr. Head and for anyone who may not believe her, she’s not kidding, his name really is Dr. Richard Head. I know how you feel about Neorologists in MO. I am having the same problem. I am lucky and have found a Dr. here that is doing everything possible to work with my symptoms and side effects until I find one. He is working w/ a neorolgist out of Hannibal on consult but he is not a surgeon. They are tyring to get me leveled out enough to be functional, I’m trying to work again but it is like pulling teeth. My son is starting to say Mommy who.
Take care Erin and if you find that good Neuro, let me know, please, I am only an hour and a half away and looking in that area. My original surgery was in St. Louis but when it comes to side effects and symptoms they all say, not related, we all know that isn’t true (don’t want anyone like that again!!!).
Take care anbd God Bless and You know you made my night making me remember (ick head) ha ha