Another seizure

I had another seizure at work yesterday. I had one the day after Christmas too. In November 2015 I had another radiation treatment and then the week of Christmas I had an embolization done on the two new vessels that had grown. I have been on steriods off and on. I contacted my doctors at the Mayo if they wanted to order any scans since none had been ordered for my return visit which is Tuesday the 26th. It would only have been a little over a month since I had been there. They are supposed to call me back this afternoon and let me know. I only went to the hospital for the one the day after Christmas. They were supposed to have gotten in contact with my doctors at Mayo, which they did not do. They only called my local neurologist and all he did was bump my medicine up again. I am on 2000mg keppra 2 times a day and lamictal 250mg 2 times a day. What are the highest doses you can take of that stuff? Does he need to add another one? I go back to see my local neuro on Monday. Hopefully he will give up and refer me back to the Mayo for a consult.

Hi Melissa and sorry to hear that you have had another seizure. I cannot answer any questions about your doses but I just wanted to lend you my support that I hope your doctors can help you with different meds or a different dosage. Maybe you can speak to the assistant to your Neuro at Mayo for some assistance. Hang in there Melissa.

Hi Melissa, I also cannot comment on your question about dosages as only a medical professional should offer advice on that front, I am only taking 2 x 500 MG of Keppra which works well for me and I have been seizure free since 2007, That will not help you today but I hope it offers some hope for you, There's always light at the end of the tunnel and you with the help of the team of doctors should find the right balance, Good luck and let us know how it goes. Thanks


Very sorry to hear this and hope you get this sorted out easily and quickly… God bless!

What type of seizures are you having?

Grand mal