Anti seizure meds

On Keppra right now and having surgery on the 21rst…have never had a seizure(did have moments where i felt things didnt seem real…was told that was a form of a seizure) or a bleed and was wondering after the AVM is gone why is there still a chance of having a seizure and will i have to be on an anti seizure medicine for my whole life?

Hi Kevin. It is my understanding that the drugs sort of calm the brain down especially after a procedure. It is used as a preventative measure. How long you have to be on them…talk to your doctor. I have known 2 people to skip this step and both developed Epilepsy. Most states make you quit driving for 6 months if you have a seizure so you want to avoid one at all costs.

hi barbara i have been on anti seizure medicine for about 3 months now.They just switched me over to Keppra about a week ago. I was first prescribed Topomax which made me really depressed and had major anxiety while taking it. Was later told that Topomax is for migraines and can be used for seizures but its such an old medication and not really used much so im glad im off of side effects from the Keppra so far just some slight dizziness.

Dont wanna skip the step just have read people on the site saying they may have to take it for the rest of their lives. And some that have stopped taking it a long time after the crainiotomy and then had a grand mal seizure.

I know a lot people on here take Keppra. I bet the dizziness will pass once your body adjusts to the med. All I can say is that everyone’s brain is different.

thanks barbara. Where was your AVM located?Was just reading how you learned to do everything yourself again.Thats amazing.

I just sent you a message with more details. Yeah…I was blessed and everyday I try and Thank God!

Hello Kevin, I have been on Keppra since about November 2009 as the other meds were awful for me. The dizzieness WILL pass just as soon as your body gets used to it.

Positive thoughts and prayers to you Kevin and I look forward to hearing from you when you are feeling good shortly after surgery!

Forgot to let you know that I had never had a seizure till after surgery…but not everyone has them. My AVM was 6.5x3.4cms, so no wonder I had them. Take care Kevin.

Thank you Lesley. Where was your avm located ,? I’m glad to hear you are doing well.

Thank you so much…I will keep you in my prayers and pray that you don’t have to take the medicine anymore .ho big was your avm?

I started on topamax a couple of years ago for migranes and was doing really good on it then started having black out spells and they where not sure if they where seuzures or something else. I have not had any real problems on the medications, but they have drastically increased the meds within the last few days and have had some issues with the increase for a week mostly not being able to sleep. sorry u had problems with the med. glad they where able to find something that worked for you! Hope things are going well!