Any Folks for whom Radiosurgery did not work?

I had Cyberknife done in December 2009. Last MRI/MRA in 01/2011 shows slight improvement in the vein size. My AVM is in the Brain Stem Area. Are there any folks who had a radiosurgery (Cyber or Gamma knife) and it did not work for them. For the folks that SRS (Steriotactic Radio Surgery) worked, how long did it take?

Hi Manny, I’ve had Stereotactic Radiosurgery done twice and it has not worked, my avm in also on the brain stem. I had my treatment at sheffield UK.

Not sure how to answer this one.

Chari had Proton Beam Radiation (PBR) about 1992 in Boston. Two yr followup showed no decrease in size of the AVM. A few years later, she had several embo’s and another PBR, followed by surgery to remove the remainder of the AVM.

The Loma Linda PBR guy knew the Mass General guy and said they argued constantly about dosages. MGH didn’t use enough dosage, according to LL. LL used more. Who’s right? Who knows.

I’m still not clear the difference between cyberknife, gamma knife, proton beam radiation, and stereotacticc radio surgery.

Ron, KS

Hi Manny,

I had my 1st Gamma knife in June 2007 and need a 2nd one 3 1/2 yrs later in November 2010. So depending on the sixe and location you might need to have it done twice. On top of having the 2 Gamma knives I also had 2 embolizations. Best of luck to you! And its been just over a yr since your cyberknife so dont get discouraged. I didnt see a change in my avm until the end of the 3rd yr.