Any one ever heard of skin tags in the brain?

My ex- soon-to-be daughter in law was diagnosed with 2 AVM's of the brain last December. Sincethat time she has refused to see a neurosugeon and has self medicated using Adderal and smoking crack.

She is now saying that within the last week she has made an appointment and gotten in to see a neurosurgeon in Columbus. ( the appointment we made for her took 2 months to get in, and she didn't go) The neurosurgeon supposedly said that she did not have AVM's but "Skin tags in the brain". Has any-one ever heard of this, could this be true?

She is still having extreme head-aches and partial paralysis during her sleep time. She was told before not to drive, especially with my grandson in the car with her. Now she says she doesn't have anything to worry about, and can take him on a long distance car trip.

I don't want anything to be wrong with her, but, she is still doing drugs to "make her feel normal". She has been able to smoke crack and time it so that the mandatory drug tests come up clean. Crack only stays in the system for 3 days. I am worried about the baby's safty, and now have to worry about him riding in a car with her.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Catherine, I'm with you on the drug use, especially when there is a child's well being at stake. Someone needs to knock some sense into her. I hope your son has the same concerns that you have. This is a real 'pet-pea' with me... I have no time or patience for drug users. I live in an area where drug use is very high with the kids (teenagers and young adults). I've seen more than my share of what it can do to people.

Skin tag - I've never heard of such a thing in the brain. If the doctor did say that, I don't know what he/she may have been making reference to. Avms don't go away on there own. I'm guessing she may be fibbing and trying to justify her actions. (It's just my opinion) If I were in your shoes, I would be worried too.

Unless her AVM is bleeding, my guess is that her biggest problem is using crack!

I'm far from understanding a lot about drugs, but I think that crack is one of the things that the user can't usually say "Oh, I'll stop using crack today......................." I don't think it takes many uses before the user is 100% addicted. If that is true, the child is right now in extreme danger.

Aside from the risks of driving, she might sell or rent out the child in exchange for her drugs. I know it sounds preposterous, but I think that's fairly common with addicts.

It's easier for us to offer suggestions since we are not directly involved.

I didn't understand her relationship to you of "ex- soon-to-be daughter in law". What does her husband, her parents, or the child's father think of all of this?

I know it's easier to provide suggestions when we are not intertwined in all the family dynamics, but I have little tolerance for drug users, especially when a child is in danger. Here are some thoughts that might help you:

My first priority would be to remove the child from the home and her custody permanently, or at least until she has proven to be drug free for several years. You or someone in the family might start by visiting with a minister or social worker to get some advice.

Ideally, getting her to sign over permanent custody, into drug treatment voluntarily, and having the AVM treated without hostile feelings would be the best outcome. Reality is probably going to be different.

I know parents who tried unsuccessfully to get their kids to stop using drugs; in the end, they called the police into their home, gave permission to search the child's room, and watched the police arrest their child and cart them away. Radical yes; appropriate, probably.

I think that whatever you do, the welfare of the son has to be the number one priority. Please protect him.

I do wish you well.

Ron, KS

I know you asked about skin tags on the brain, I’ve never heard of them. Is there even skin on the brain??? It sounds like a made up thing in my opinion, did she really even go to a doctor? Can you get the name of the doctor and verify it?? Who is drug testing her? Could you possibly make an anonymous phone call to them and report her use? I know that is a harsh thing to do, but I can’t really see a good outcome to any of this. It’s not like Adderal and crack will cure the AVM or skin tags or whatever it is she has!! If that was the case we’d probably all be prescribed crack by now. It’s one thing when you are medicating yourself, but when you start to put others in danger, and a little child to boot, then it becomes society’s problem and we have to do something about it now before something horrible happens and we are all crying why we didn’t do something about it!! Can you call a neurosurgeon and ask if this is a valid diagnosis or if it’s just BS?? Good luck, please keep us posted, it sounds like your soon to be ex-daughter in law is riding on a boat on de Nile.

Thanks to every one who answered and you are all right about the child being our priority. My son has temporary custody of his son. They live with us now.

The O.W.N. network has a show "lisa Ling America" on tonight Sunday the 3rd. It's about the town Cassandra (ex daughter in law) lives in. The show calls the town "Heroin Capital".

I could pay online to ask a neurosurgeon but I'm on S.S and don't have a lot of extra money. My son's lawyer says she has to prove that she is drug free and medicaly able to safely care for the baby. She has 7 more days to file for a hearing.

I'm hoping she gets high and forgets to take care of her business.

I know it's confusing and to long a story to go into, but she really wasn't a bad person before she was diagnosed with these AVM's.

On the MRI they looked solid and white like large stones. Couldn't see any veins though. All the MRI's I've seen on line you can see the veins. What do they really look like?

Thanks everyone.