Anybody with Right frontal lobe AVM close to motor?

Hi everybody im new here and was just wanting to know if anybody had the same type of AVM as i do.3.5 cm stage 2.Scheduled for surgery on FEB 21rst this month to remove the AVM.Doctors gave a 95percent chance of everything going as planned but Wanted to talk to people that have had the surgery and what types of outcomes there were and what effects you had after the surgery. Thank you.

Hi Kevin

My son's AVM is also in his right frontal lobe but not yet set the surgery date. Read Erica's profile-her son's AVM was also in his right frontal lobe. Her son has two successfuly surgeries. No worries, be positive.

Keep me updated after your surgery.

God Bless


Thank you so much I will surely keep u posted and god bless u and yours and its all uo to god so pray for me and I will do the same for you guys …

Hi Kevin,

Did the doctor said how long the surgery going to be? Based on the research I found, frontal lobe AVM patients are the lucky group becasue it is easier to operate than other areas. 95% successfuly rate is very high... no one will give 100% successful rate for any type of surgery. Don't forget to update me with your good news.

Hey Lilian…no they havent said yet how long the surgery will be. It scared me when they said it was close to the motor area of the brain.I didnt know about this stuff so even with the 95 percent that he said i am still terrified but am thinking positive and praying about it…How is your son feeling? i hope that all is well. How can i find the ericka lady you were telling me about?..

Hi Kevin, Mines about the same size as yours in the right frontal lobe deep between the two lobes in the personality, fare, anxiety, area. I had GK but I did have all options offered to me including surgery etc by other doctors. They said frontal lobes are relatively low risk for surgery, but because I had not had a bleed I spent some time studying other opinions etc before I made a decision. Best of luck, your a lucky man you never had a bleed before they found it.

hey brett thank you . When did you get your gamma knife treatment and is the avm gone ?

Hey Kevin,

My son is OK ups and downs, he's only 15, has not yet thought about the complications. on the other hand, I'm close to anxiety attack... can't focus. BTY, I did go to church this morning and of course I prayed for both Kevins. My son's name is also Kevin.

If you want to find Erica, Click on member and key her name 'Erica' in the search box then press enter... choose Erica in Brazil. Then you could view her profile and her son's details.

Kevin, there are lots of successful surgeries out there, don't scare yourself.

May peace be with you!

Make sure you share the good news !


Hi Kevin

I'm pretty new here myself My AVM is also n the right frontal lobe actually located right behind my forehead.So I have to deal with memory issues and emotional stuff. I havent had the surgery yet hope to schedule it on the 23rd of this month. I hope yours goes good and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thru this site I have heard most people have had really good outcome with the surgery and have had no complications after the procedure and have been AVM free and have only to go in for follow up procedure every 6 months to have things checked out to make sure things are ok. Keep us posted and good luck !!!

Hey Kevin 9/14/10… 5 mo post GK tomorrow. I have a 6 mo follow up next month but not expecting any change in size this early, however it would be nice news if it has started to shrink…

Kevin Rivers said:

hey brett thank you . When did you get your gamma knife treatment and is the avm gone ?

Hi Kevin, I hope you are fully recovered.
In my December 25 this year I have discovered an AVM like yours.
Are about 4 cm and no bleeding.
In three weeks I made ​​two embolizations and then surgery.
I would like to know how are you, if you get a normal life as I am a very active person, I love sports and I'm afraid of not being able to do anymore.
Greetings from Spain.

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