Anyone allergic to the contrast in their angiogram? If so did what did the doctors do to prevent a reaction?

If so did what did the doctors do to prevent a reaction? And did it prevent a reaction?
Thank you


Long ago, in the early 90's, I had a reaction to the contrast so since then they prep me a couple of days before hand with prednisone and benadryl. I have not had a reaction with this prep.


I brook out in a rash and hives once now i take 500 mg of benadryl about an hr beforehand. Works for me.

Sorry, I just suffered a bleed from my AVM on Nov. 22nd so I'm still not thinking right... I had somewhat of a prep and then had the contrast administered. Since there was no time to do a 'days before' prep, I did end up with a minor 'rash' that the doctors called steroid induced acne. It did not itch or bother me in the least.


Hello Kim
Thank you for your response. I am picking up a steroid the doctors called in yesterday so I will check if its the same. I had iodine contrast a few years ago for a reg MRI and had a reaction where my throat felt like it was closing and had vomiting. The doctors injected me with benadryl and then I was fine the next day. I will take some the day before as well. I never got a rash but you never know.

I had a reaction, hives, and they immediately gave me benedryl. Since then before hand I am given a round of steriods and benedryl before hand.

Thank you Holly. I will take some benedryl and hopefully they will give me some during the procedure. I mentioned to the doctor but when I got my paper work it did not have the prescription for the steroid. I called and the nurse called it in but did not say anything about the benedryk