Anyone from Ireland?

Hi all. Thank you to all who answered my questions. Really helpful. I just wondered if there was anyone out there from Ireland who is a survivor.

I’m not from Ireland, but I lived in Ireland when my AVM hemorhhaged… so I was treated there and then moved back home to the US for followup care… My treatment was at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin and was excellent - I’m doing great now. My AVM showed up in Sept 2004.

yes i am a survivorbut i am in a wheelchair after a brain bleed my name is margaret mchaleam i a 50 year old woman now dont take this the wrong way but its nice to know that i am not alone maybe in time we could swap our stories

Hi Gemma,

If you go to the members page, click on Advanced Search, then scroll down to Ireland in the country box, then click search. It shows 15 total in Ireland.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi Gemma, how do you feel about the Dublin AVM meet up on the 21st July?Be great for a group to meet up & chat!

hi gemma im from ireland also i think there is about 15 on here in total so if you need any advice or whatever else just ask

Don't forget to connect with new member Joan Magill:

Thanks dancermom, you are incredible!