Anyone have their angiogram at Stanford?

I am new to the group. I had a stroke in March 2011 due to five blood clots the most serious in the cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Beginning in July I noticed hearing a sound when I laid done on the sofa but thought it was a pillow. Then in October I started to notice it all the time. Now I am scheduled for an angiogram in January at Stanford. The doctor thinks I have a DAVF and something with the MRA and the protons he thinks its aggressive. Also my left transverse sigmoid sinus is still gone and they think may never return.
In June I started to feel better but then I started to shows sign of stroke and then started to feel worse and even though most of my clots are gone I still have constant head pain. I am hopeful after the angiogram and treatment (glue or coils) I will start to feel better
My questions are has anyone had their angiogram at Stanford? If so what doctor? How was it? Did you have more head pain after? Did your head pain get better after treatment? How long does it last? Does it hurt?
Do you have to be on blood thinners? I have been off for two months for blood genetics testing.

I am allergic to Iodine but they said they will give me steroids and benedryl the day before..hopefully it works.
Thank you

Hi Angela. I did a search on here for you…
I know at least 3 people on here who love Dr. Steinburg.

Doubt that Steinberg will be involved in an angio as he's the cutter. Dr Mark is/was the co director of neurosurgery and was the top dog on angios.

Mary Marcellus is his Administrative RN (or whatever the title is)--she's GREAT! Those Admin RNs are the ones that really run the show and make sure the patients/Drs get to the right place at the right time.

Ron, KS

I'm among those who 'love' Dr. Steinberg! ;) He's among the few EXCEPTIONAL drs. I've ever met & I greatly value, TRUST & respect his opinion...
The team @ Stanford is among the very best & you'll be in great hands there.
Best wishes to you,

I knew Patti G would jump on this one. Other fans of Stanford…Tina White…oldblue…Barbara P
Looks like I will have to add Ron’s name to the fan club too! Ron is probably right…none of my angios were done by a surgeon.
Please keep us posted!


My first & only angiogram was in 1988 by a neuroradiologist & as Ron, KS & Barbara H pointed out, your angio will probably not be done by a NS. I imagine it will be done by Dr. Marks or his assoc., but their office can let you know.

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Please keep us posted when you're up to it. :)
Take care!