Anyone here live in Tennessee?

Hi, I’m curious if any of you live near nashville and if so what Neurosurgeon would you recommend?

Thank you.

guess I’m the only one eh? :frowning:

Hi John,

First I want to say I am very sorry and I will absolutely pray for Amy. I was diagnosed with an avm in oct of 08’
Mine was found via MRI due to some episodes that were stroke like at the time. My avm had not bled but could not be surgically removed due to the size and location so I had to have treatments called embolization and then have the avm radiated. I have an appt on tues for a CTA scan to see if the avm is shrinking. It takes 3 years from treatment and this sept will be 3 years since the radiation. I have been very lucky and haven’t had any symptoms. All avms are different though and the affects they may have on the individual. I would be glad to talk with you and I will pray for your wife. It is very scary. Respond here and if you want we can talk via phone. I was treated at st Thomas hospital by dr Abrams.


How is your wife doing? What is her prognosis? Is she going to be treated or can it be removed?

G'evenin' Rachel,...

I live in Arlington, Tn. just north east of Memphis, Tn.

Barbara (a fellow moderator) lives in Cordova, (just north of Germantown, Tn.)

You can also search for all Tennessee AVM survivors by using the "Search" at the upper right corner of the site. Just type in "Tennessee".

(actually quite a few of us here,...*wink*)

Now, answer your question, I can only recommend the Semmes Murphey Clinic here in Memphis. They have a group of neurosurgeons and neurologists that deal with assorted neurological issues.

I live in Florida to use Dr Robert Alan Mericel formerly of Vanderbilt Hospital but he now has his own place there and he is a wonderful man with a great attitude.

I would recommend Dr John Spooner at Skyline Medical Center. It is not very common that I trust my doctors, but Spooner has earned that trust. He is one of the few doctors that I have seen to actually cares about his patients. He is able to be confident without being cocky. He was on call when I had my stroke, because of him my life was saved. I hope this helps. If you ever need support let me know I will be happy to meet you. I live in Nashville Melissa.

It has been a while since I have checked this board out, Rachel have you met with any of the DR's?

Have you seen any Dr's since the last time I talked to you a while ago?

Hi. No I haven't. I was cleared of my avm. I had the radiation in 09 and then told in beginning of 13 that my avm was obliterated so at this point I do not need to go back unless I have symptoms and thank God I have had none.
I saw Dr Abrams at St Thomas

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